The Equifax Complete Advantage Plan

Of the three main credit bureaus, Equifax is the largest as well as the oldest. It has over seven thousand employees in fourteen different countries. Equifax collects and maintains credit records for approximately four hundred million individuals and businesses. Every individual is entitled to one free credit report per year but the report does not […]

How To Read Your Credit Report

Types of Information Contained in a Credit Report Credit reports contain information regarding financial actions. These actions will include loan account information and payments on those loan accounts. It is suggested that this information be reviewed at least once every year. This will allow checks for report accuracy. The types of information on a credit […]

The Cost Of Identity Fraud Increases Annually

We all know someone who’s been a victim of identity fraud or possibly you are the person you know who’s had their identity stolen.  Unfortunately, no matter how much technology gets thrown at this problem, identity theft is still on the rise annually. provided us this detailed infographic which outlines the staggering costs of […]

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Online Shopping and Cyber Security

With online shopping as popular as ever the importance of cyber security becomes essential to everyone. Shopping, even in the real world, involves money and where there is money, there are criminals. Criminals follow the money trail targeting online shoppers all the a way to their computers, mobile devices, credit cards and bank accounts. Online […]

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Avoiding Online Auction Fraud

Despite the increase in reports of cyber bulling through Facebook and other social media sites, the number one cybercrime that is reported is by far auction fraud. In particular, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has reported that they have especially seen an increase in auction fraud related to international car auctioning. An auction that […]

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Credit Report Errors Might Be Identity Theft

There is always a downside to the efficiency that modern technology provides. While it is more convenient to carry a credit card instead of bulky cash, your identity becomes vulnerable due to the information you have provided to apply for the card. More so, you become almost too exposed with credit bureaus collecting information about you […]

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Learn How To Protect Your Social Security Number

The most sensitive piece of personally identifiable information is without a doubt your social security number.  This is one piece of information you don’t want anybody else getting their hands on. An identity thief can do unthinkable amounts of damage with your social security number and very little other information.   So what do you […]

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Simple Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Keeping your credit score and credit rating in good standing is extremely important when it comes time to apply for auto loans, mortgages & other revolving lines of credit.  Unfortunately some of us fall into a bad spot where we’ve let our credit scores drop because of debt, identity theft and various other reasons.  This […]

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Is Your NetFlix Password In The Wrong Hands?

For millions of Americans, their Netflix accounts are essential to getting through a sick day or weekend at home. Nevertheless, something most of these subscribers don’t pay much mind to is keeping basic account security that helps to keep their individual info safe. Something as easy as changing a password regularly may appear like a bit […]

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